Black History Month 2014: The first Black people to participate in the Back-to-Africa movement

This drawing is actually of Freetown in Sierra Leone since I couldn't find any of Settler Town.

This drawing is actually of Freetown in Sierra Leone since I couldn’t find any of the part of Freetown known as Settler Town.

Every year for Black History Month I explore the obvious and not so obvious parts of American history that those called Black have taken part in. The things that we (Black people) have done other than be stolen from our homeland and made forced labor in a land foreign to us. I’m going to start this series by looking up the first time someone African-American did something and broke the color barrier in that activity or field. I’ll be starting with Wikipedia and working my way out:

I will be learning a lot of this as I go since I am a product of the standardized Euro/Anglo/Caucasian leaning public school system. I hope you enjoy learning with me. I’ll be going down the list chronologically as it appears in the Wikipedia article.

For my seventh entry this month:

1792:  First major African-American Back-to-Africa movement: 1,200 Black Loyalist slaves who escaped to settle in Settler Town, Sierra Leone

Settler Town, Sierra Leone or Settler Tong in Krio is the oldest part of Freetown, Sierra Leone and was the home of the Nova Scotian Settlers Settlers were African American ex-slaves (who immigrated to Sierra Leone and established the first permanent free African American settlement in Africa). During the nineteenth century, Settler Town was a prestigious residential area, due to the fact it was the original portion of Freetown, Sierra Leone, having been established on March 11, 1792.


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