Sketchbook Saturday 2017/06/24

Yet another flashback to my drawings from my teen years… I almost feel like I should post these as “Throwback Thursday” posts. I’m not going to, though. :-P

(Click to view larger image)


Sketch from October 1989

Sketch from October 1989


In 1989, I was really getting into more of the Black side of my being. The funny thing about that is it was because of my white cousin who I was hanging out with a lot at the time.

We use to joke that since I was raised by my white mom and white stepdad with their son my white brother in mostly white neighborhoods, I was basically white. In her case, she had a Black stepdad and halfbreed black sister and lived in mostly Black neighborhoods so she was in a lot of ways “Blacker” than me.

She was the one who told me about hair grease and finger waves and baby hairs and big earrings. The influence of the people and music she exposed me to shows a LOT in the art I did at the time.


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