Sailing into History Update & Some Black History

I have been deeply neglecting my blogging duties. Funny but I thought that school ending in March would give me MORE time to blog but I have filled that time with building my passive income resources and looking for sources of funding for the “Sailing into History” documentary.

One connection regarding the film was when I happened to log in to Linkedin (I rarely do) and saw that a former coworker had changed industries and is currently working in filmmaking. He was excited by my project and is in the process of finding funding for the film.

My most recent work on this project was to meet with Emmy-nominated filmmaker Ron Craig to see if he could either take on the project or to refer me to someone who could. He could do neither but he was very encouraging and definitely will send someone my way if he does find someone who can either fund or help produce the film.

It may not be exactly what I was hoping to gain from the meeting, but I feel blessed to have spent time with an accomplished elder who happens to have recently moved to my area so perhaps I can have more mentoring from him. I am definitely grateful.

Here is a link to the film he worked on about the Black man named York that was with the Lewis and Clark expedition:

Thanks for reading!
~ Niccolea Miouo

York the Hunter


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