SO… Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?


I am NOT doing well on keeping up with my blogging goals. I really feel like I need to just start over.

I fell off my post a day about Black History and that disappoints me greatly. I feel like I have let you all down. These posts are as much for my own education too and so I have let myself down. :-/

PLUS, I really want to be more accountable for this lofty goal of being the first Black American woman to sail around the world… BUT… so far I am in big time FAIL mode. :-/
I did start with the organizing of my existing lists and the gathering of some more companies to contact so there’s that.


I have to acknowledge that I have a lot going on with the charity poetry book and the fundraising campaign for new life vests for the sailing trip around the world plus work and now that the sailing season has now OFFICIALLY started every Tuesday and Thursday starting next week will be all about being out on the river in SOMEBODY’S sail boat. I have a LOT to learn in a very short time.

I truly appreciate you all for following along on this journey of mine and being patient with me living life and forgetting to post about it. ^_^



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