Today I will be finding sailing organizations, black organizations, companies whose products we use now, and companies whose products we will be using as we sail. I do have information for quite a few organizations already.

Most of the work I did December 2015. I have contacted 44 Black organizations for advice (responses from zero). I have contacted about 80 Black news outlets nationwide (response from one). I don’t have an organized list of the sailing organizations I’ve contacted so I need to do that (I have only gotten one reply regardless of the number). I also don’t have an organized list of how many companies I have contacted to get direct sponsorship with goods or funds (again only 1 reply). Somewhere in my emails I have a list of Black maritime organizations that I started compiling in March this year, but I have not contacted any of them yet.

Today is the day that I organize the information I already have in to one convenient file (an Excel spreadsheet with a tab for each category). Plus I will do a thorough Google search for sailing organizations and magazines, and all the other categories. I will look on the marine store websites for the brands that we would like to use. I will even look up boat manufacturers. Plus, later I’ll go through the boat and make a note of EVERYTHING we use down to mundane things like facial tissue and whatnot.

Once I have the lists made the next step will be to contact the organizations to get advice on fundraising and publicity and then contact the companies to actually get some kind of sponsorship whether it be funds or goods. Making the lists today is the EASY part. It will be a long and tedious process, but still the easy part.

I’ll check back in later with an update on how many new companies and organizations I found. Stay tuned! ^_^

Thanks for reading!


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