Accountability aka The Daily DID

I am a PRO when it comes to making to do lists. I can make lists all day all year. The catch is do I actually get any of it DONE? Sadly, I feel like I have been only half stepping when it comes to keeping up with getting closer to the goal of sailing around the world.Sure, I went to school for a year so that I wasn’t TOTALLY inexperienced, but since school ended in April, I have done exactly ZERO things to further my cause.

That is where the new category in this blog comes in. Under the “Sailing Into History” category will be this new category: The Daily DID. This is where I will put what I actually accomplished on a daily basis. There is always SOMETHING no matter how small that I can do to be sure that this time next year the sailing ACTUALLY HAPPENS.

SO… I will be posting a to-do list in the mornings and then posting updates before I go to bed of what on the list for the day I actually got done. I’ll post today’s to-do list in a separate post. And here we go!



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