Sailing Into Black History – Contacting Organizations

STEP ONE… I’m emailing organizations to get advice on publicity and fundraising. I am of course including the details of what I am doing and what fundraising I was thinking of. I haven’t heard anything back yet, but I am hopeful. If you are affiliated with any of these organizations, please put in a good word for me so I can get some help with publicity and advice on fundraising.

The organizations below were on links I found in a Google search. I sent emails so far to the following:


African American Civil War Memorial Freedom Foundation and Museum
African Ancestry
American Legacy Magazine
America’s Black Holocaust Museum
Association for Black Culture Centers (ABCC)
Association for the Study of African American Life and History
(They didn’t have a contact form or email listed on the site so I had to post to their FB page)(Kinda lame IMO)
Black CouTours
Black Heritage Foundation
(They had a 300 character limit and even after I edited the text down to that, the message wouldn’t send so I had to totally redo it.) (LAME.)
Black Heritage Society (BHS)
Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia
Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
Discover Black Heritage
(Their website isn’t active yet. LAME.) (Their FB page has an email address: but I messaged on FB instead to be sure they get it.)
Idaho Black History Museum
Museum of African American History
(Another site with no contact form or email or anything. Had to go to FB again. LAME.)
National Visionary Leadership Project
The History Makers
Tuskegee Airmen, Inc.
(No contact me form or email info listed. LAME.)
(Found this site in google search: but this one’s not active at all. LAME AGAIN.)
(Found yet another site in the search: but this one is suspended. BEYOND SUPER LAME WTH NBBC???)
(None of the “contact us” links worked. LAME. FB messaged them instead.)
adding this organization to this list since I contacted them:

African Diaspora Maritime (FB page link)



I have also contacted these:
– THe Bandit (Clatsop Community College newspaper)
– The Daily Astorian
– Getac (Ultra Rugged computer company)
– Buzzfeed
– Huffington Post
– African American Registry
– Englund Marine
– West Marine
– Columbia Marine (email is aquakiddo!?)

Tell me what you're thinking! :-)

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