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Once in a lifetime, if we are lucky, while traveling on our life path we trip and fall right into our destiny. This is one of those stories. In July of 2012 my best friend Dovid who was planning on sailing around the world knew I wanted to travel so he invited me to join him. I had no idea at the time how grand and amazing the task ahead would be. Through research in preparation on my journey I discovered something remarkable. This will be a journey unprecedented. No Black American women in the history of record has ever sailed around the world.

Perhaps I should start with the back story…
My name is Niccolea Miouo Nance; I am a poet and painter previously living in Phoenix, Arizona (now in Astoria, Oregon). I was born in Grants Pass, Oregon which is a land locked small town in the southern part of the state just north of the California border. I grew up in Tucson, Arizona and have been a desert dweller pretty much all my life. As such I don’t have the rich nautical background that my friend Dovid has so this will be an extreme learning and life experience! Emboldened with the passion for this journey I immediately enrolled in maritime studies at the local Clatsop community college.

My whole life has been a lesson in diversity and tolerance (or lack thereof). I am a Black/white biracial so since birth I have been an example of the unification of different people from different backgrounds. Being raised by my Caucasian stepfather and white mother gave me a perspective on race relations that is totally different from my friends who were raised in totally Black families/neighborhoods/etc. I have seen racism first hand, but I have also seen great tolerance and love firsthand. I choose to focus on the good in life and people. I want to continue to be someone who adds to the positivity in this world.

I want to open my eyes and the eyes of others with this journey. Even with the lessons I have learned in my life I am filled with cultural stereotypes of pretty much every place in the world and I am seeking your help to change that. I believe that travel will help me to be a better person overall by experiencing things outside my norm. This trip will be a means to becoming a more culturally aware and more life educated person. Through modern technology I can use my journey as a way to help others learn and shed their stereotypes as well. This journey will educate, spread positivity, and increase care for humanity for all who engage with our endeavor.

This is more than just a trip for me…This is a life journey, a beginning step toward a goal of creating a bridge between like-minded people with this project as a catalyst. It’s more than a vacation, this is more than just a grand adventure and a test of my physical and mental strength and stamina… it is a chance to learn about the world and the people in it and generate a chain of positivity so powerful it will grow to a global scale!

Then I found out that I will inadvertently be a part of history!
So far I have only found one Black woman of any nationality who has sailed around the world. There was a single sentence in a Wikipedia article about circumnavigation records that mentioned a woman named Maria Victor; 2007–2013; first woman of African descent (Barbados) to perform a circumnavigation (with stops, past Cape of good Hope, through Panama Canal). I only know of one other Black woman who plans to sail around the world. She is from Cape Verde and left from Brazil recently (within the past year) and is approximately half the way around. She is sailing with her boyfriend Josh (who is from the Netherlands) on SV Hope (

What it all means…
The Emuna Endeavor is the journey dedicated to enlightening all to the beauty in humanity in this world. I am humbled to be a dedicated ambassador in this mission. I ask if there is any desire in your heart to spread positivity and support the disintegration of stereotypes that you support my efforts today. We are not delusional about the grand task we have taken on and therefore realize our efforts for humanity start with the support of humanity. I am open to all inquiry and forms of support that your heart opens you to provide.

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