Starting Over in the New Year

It’s December again and I always feel like I need to just scrap EVERYTHING and do a huge restart. This year is no exception. I hope those of you who have been with me since the beginning don’t mind refreshing all the things we’ve learned in my #BlackHistory365 series. With the way things have been over the past 12 months, I’m feeling like focusing on as much positivity of our past as I can.

I will also be doing periodic updates on the Sailing Into Black History project. At this point the documentary portion is in the planning stages as I try to find someone with more media experience to help me with the editing once I have the footage. I have started a YouTube channel which I will launch as soon as I have some footage to share (I want to start with 4 or 5 videos of actual boat activity and 1 or 2 videos for the crowdfunding to raise money for the safety and video equipment).  Stay tuned!



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