First off APOLOGIES for not being consistent with posting on here like I was in the beginning! School and work have had me ragged y’all! But I am going to be back on it for a minute because I have a lot of things to talk about starting with the sailing trip around the world!

So… for those who may have missed it, after researching other people who have circumnavigatied the globe via sailboat, I have discovered that there has never been a Black American woman who has done it! So I will be making Black History!!
So… help us out and help me to keep #SailingIntoBlackHistory!


First thing first is getting the boat ready to be seaworthy! Obviously circumnavigating the world is dangerous enough in the best circumstances so we don’t want to add boat issues to the mix. We have some of what we need to shore things up. We just need to get the rest and have her hauled out and maintained (some things can’t be done while she’s on the water and we’re living in her). For now the estimate of that is a bit over $2000 USD. We have the money to do all the things we need to do that can be done at mooring while we’re on her but just need that last little bit.

This campaign is set at $500 goal for the life vests. Anything we get over that will be used for the rest of the safety equipment upgrades.  We appreciate any small amount and every share/tweet/repost/etc.


Stay tuned for more info as I research companies from whom to request support for this potential milestone. :-)

me on the school ship x


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