#Respect – I See You

I currently live in a small northwestern Oregon town of about 10,000 people. If the town had 20% Blacks like the national average, there would be 2,000 here but in this part of the country the ratio is more like 1-5% which is only 100-500.

When I first got here last year, the four or five Black people I came across didn’t do the thing I was used to in Arizona where we silently acknowledge “Yeah, we in here” usually with a head nod and a knowing smile. This week however, I have had two new encounters and both women did a double take like “REALLY? ANOTHER BLACK PERSON??” and THEN did the head nod. One was driving by at the time so I was afraid she was going to crash!

These are the little cultural things that we (Blacks) have here in America that are part of where the saying “It’s a Black thing, you wouldn’t understand” came from. So wherever you are right now my Brothers and Sisters, I see you! Respect.



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