Harlem Renaissance Side Note – Notable Figures

I was planning on doing several eras of Black arts but there are so many figures from the Harlem Renaissance that I could stay on them for months!  Just to give you an idea check out the list below of ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY names that I compiled from the Wikipedia article about the era.

A. Philip Randolph
Aaron Douglas
Adelaide Hall
Alain Locke
Alice Dunbar-Nelson
Angelina Weld Grimke, author of the drama Rachel
Anita Scott Coleman
Anne Spencer
Aqua Laluah
Archibald Motley
Arna Bontemps — God Sends Everyday (1931), Black Thunder (1936)
Arthur Schomburg
Augusta Savage
Beauford Delaney
Bert Williams
Bessie Mayle
Bessie Smith
Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson
Billie Holiday
Billy Pierce (choreographer)
Billy Strayhorn
Blanche Taylor Dickinson
Buddy Bradley (choreographer)
Cab Calloway
Carl Van Vechten — Nigger Heaven (1926)
Cecil Scott
Chandler Owen
Charles Alston
Charles Gilpin, actor
Charles Spurgeon Johnson
Charlie Johnson
Chick Webb
Christian Jenkins
Clarissa Scott Delany
Claude McKay — Home to Harlem (1927), Banjo (1929), Gingertown (1931), Banana Bottom (1933)
Count Basie
Countee Cullen – The Black Christ and Other Poems(1929)
Cyril Briggs
Dizzy Gillespie
Dorothea Mathews
Dorothy Kruger
Duke Ellington
Earl “Fatha” Hines
Eda Lou Walton
Effie Lee Newsome
Ella Fitzgerald
Elma Ehrlich Levinger
Eloise Bibb Thompson
Emmett Scott, aide to Booker T. Washington and advisor to Woodrow Wilson.
Eric Walrond — Tropic Death (1926)
Esther Popel
Ethel M. Caution
Ethel Waters
Eubie Blake
Eulalie Spence, author of the play Undertow
Fats Waller
Fess Williams
Fletcher Henderson
Florence Mills
George Bueno
George Schuyler — Black No More (1931), Slaves Today (1931)
Georgia Douglas Johnson, author of the play, Plumes, A Tragedy.
Gladys Bentley
Gladys May Casely Hayford
Gwendolyn Bennett
Helene Johnson
Henry Bannarn
Hubert Harrison
Isabel Neill
Ivie Anderson
Jacob Lawrence
James Baldwin
James P. Johnson
James Weldon Johnson – God’s Trombones
Jean Toomer — Cane (1923)
Jelly Roll Morton
Jessie Redmon Fauset — There is Confusion (1924), Plum Bun (1928), The Chinaberry Tree (1931), Comedy, American Style (1933)
Joel Augustus Rogers
John Matheus, author of the play, ‘Cruiter.
Joseph Seamon Cotter, Jr., author of the play On the Fields of France.
Josephine Baker
Joyce Sims Carrington
Kathleen Tankersley Young
Krigwa Players, popular Harlem theatre group.
L.S. Alexander Gumby, archivist and salon host
Langston Hughes
Lena Horne
Leslie Bolling, Wood carvings
Leslie Pinckney Hill
Lewis Grandison Alexander
Lillian Byrnes
Lois Mailou Jones
Lonnie Johnson
Louis Armstrong
Lucille Bogan
Lucy Ariel Williams
Ma Rainey
Mae V. Cowdery
Mamie Smith
Mantan Moreland
Marcus Garvey
Margaret L. Thomas
Marian Anderson
Marion Thompson Wright
Marion Vera Cuthbert
Marjorie Marshall
Mary Jenness
Mary White Ovington
May Miller
McKinney’s Cotton Pickers
Moms Mabley
Nella Larsen — Quicksand (1928), Passing (1929)
Nina Mae McKinney
Noble Sissle
Nora Douglas Holt Ray
Norman Lewis, Artist
Octavia Beatrice Wynbush
Palmer Hayden
Paul Heath
Paul Robeson, actor
Pigmeat Markham
Prentiss Taylor
Raymond Garfield Dandridge – The Poet and Other Poems (1920), Zalka Peetruza and Other Poems(1928)
Richard Bruce Nugent, author of the play Sahdji, an African Ballet
Robert Hayden
Roland Hayes
Romare Bearden
Rosalie M. Jonas
Rudolph Fisher — The Walls of Jericho (1928), The Conjure-Man Dies (1932)
Ruth G. Dixon
S. J. Joyce
Sargent Johnson
Sterling A. Brown
The Chocolate Dandies
The Dandridge Sisters and Dorothy Dandridge
The King Cole Trio
The Nicholas Brothers
The Will Mastin Trio
Thelonious Monk
Thomas Montgomery Gregory, supporter of Negro Theatre Movement.
Victoria Spivey
Virginia A. Houston
W. E. B. Du Bois
Wallace Thurman — The Blacker the Berry (1929), Infants of the Spring (1932), Interne (1932)
Walter Francis White
Walter White — The Fire in the Flint (1924), Flight (1926)
William Grant Still
William H. Johnson, Painter
William Stanley Braithwaite
Zora Neale Hurston

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