“I Don’t Think of You as Black” Part 2 – “I think that about all Black people, except you”

The First Lady does NOT approve!

Maybe it’s because I am biracial that these things happen to me. Maybe it’s just me and I have some kind of bad juju or something. Regardless of why, ever since I was a teen I have had to deal with people who say messed up racist things around me and then backpedal when I throw the stank eye at them.

Dear non-Black people, Please do  not say cray mess like “It’s because Blacks are lazy (or stupid or whatever negative thing)” and then look at your Black friend who is present and say some old mess like “I don’t think of you as Black”… !!!!!  Just. Don’t.

Usually it’s my friend’s parents who are still living in the mental stone ages. I had a friend in 7th grade whose dad said something to the effect of “It’s those damn n*****s” about some thing like joblessness or crime or some other such thing and even though I was normally a respectful child, I must have had the stank face because he said “Oh I wasn’t talking about you” as though that made it all OK… IT. DOES. NOT.

Once it was my own (white) brother! He made some offhand remark about not being able to get financial aid because he’s a white guy and the Blacks get all the benefits. Insert stink eye here. At least he didn’t say “I don’t think of you as Black”.

Bottom line is DON’T SAY MESSED UP STUFF ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE.  Whether you think a Black person can hear you or not. Even if you have a friend that you “don’t think of as Black” and forget that they are connected to the culture you are badmouthing.

I don’t even remember what set me off on this. Probably something someone said this week on the internet because that is what usually sets me off on these tangents.  I know those of you who started following me because I post about Black History are like “Dang, she is all off to the left lately!”  Forgive me.  This blog is partially for me to work through all these issues since I just can’t bring myself to go to a shrink! Thanks for hanging with me everybody! Black History month is just around the corner and I will be back to my usual.  Stay tuned!


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