Black American History in 50 Movies

It’s almost February y’all!

Scott Woods Makes Lists

Just in time for Black History Month, I offer a go-to cinematic resource for teaching or learning African American history without having to leave your couch.

With just a DVD player, a streaming service, a library card or a robust bootleg hook-up, you can begin the process of learning how 12% of the population got here, survived here, and continue to redefine their existence in 50 easy installments. I’ve broken it down chronologically by era so you get a real sense of history as it happened.

A few qualifiers:

1) This is a list of movies, not documentaries.
I attempted to make the list as accessible as possible. Sometimes access hinges on a decision to forego a lesson because your audience knows it’s a lesson. So I kept it, for lack of a better word, “theatrical.”

2) No movies with white protagonists as leads.
I may have squeezed a couple…

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