Reminder/Update and Thanks

THANK YOU - AfrocentriqueAZ

I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season this past month! Merry Christmas! Happy Channukah! Namaste on your Bohdi Day! Jolly Solstice! Blessed Pancha Ganapati! Honorable Kwanzaa! And all the rest that I don’t know about! And of course HAPPY NEW YEAR!  :-)

I have really enjoyed being on WordPress and all the kind words and support I have gotten since I started this blog last year! Sadly, even though I really prefer WordPress, I have to move my blog because I don’t qualify to make money via WordAds. So, to help with funds for the sailing trip around the world I’ll be leaving on in 2016, I am switching blog platforms to Blogger so that I can use Google AdSense. I do still have a six month waiting period before I qualify there, but that requirement is much easier to fulfill than the ones for WordAds.

I will still post here on WordPress but it will be very limited. If you have Google+ or Blogger, I hope you will follow or you can sign up to get notifications of the Blogger posts via email.



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