#BlackPoetsSpeakOut – NO MORE DEAD

black life matters


The Black community nationwide is in uproar over yet another murderer of a young Black male going free. Protests occurred all over America in outrage over this injustice. One form of protest has been from Black poets. We have joined our voice to the chorus and hope that those who allow these atrocities to continue will change their ways or be thrown out of power soon.

As a poet, I of course have something to say on this subject. I have watched over the years as more and more Black people have been treated unfairly in the “justice” system and as young Black men and boys are gunned down and their deaths justified by that same system. The poem below is my contribution to the growing dissent.


we are cycling our eyes
from the bottom to the tops of our heads
because we have heard this before

my daddy has heard this before
in the 40s 50s and 60s
I have heard this before
in the 70s 80s and 90s
it is now the 21st century
why are we still
playing the same tired old tune
over and over again

there are those
whose version of religion
calls any outside their circle
animals who can talk

there are those
who even after all this time
still think of brown
as less than human

we have been caged so long
that many actually believe the lies
even though we try so hard
to educate our children
teach them compassion
even though it is rarely shown to them

when it comes to the trope
of the angry Black
I am of the opinion
any black person who is not angry
is not paying attention

we all need to pay attention

the only thing necessary
for the triumph of evil
is for good people to do nothing
I refuse to do nothing

so I raise my voice
get loud in spite of “my place”
to speak the truth
that needs to be heard
at the volume that is required

we are required as humans
to make a stand against injustice
to be the change we hope to see
so be the good person
and do good things

let’s change the tune
speak a new truth
so that change will come
and no more Black children
will have to die

#Ferguson #BlackPoetsSpeakOut #BlackLivesMatter


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