Changing things on here a bit… maybe…

I’ve been neglecting the culture blog which I plan to fix soon. In the meantime, check out the blog about the sailing trip around the world! :-)

The Emuna Endeavor

I want to have a more active blog experience with our content so I have found some wonderful sailing quote images to post weekly (probably on Mondays). I also will post the pic of the week (I’m thinking on Wednesdays). Those will be in queue so that even when I don’t get online, there will still be something pretty to look at. :-)

As far as other content… I will do my best to keep up the weekly blog posts on Tuesdays as I have been all summer. I’ll try to be better about posting our appreciation of you guys on Fridays too. I’ll be sure to get online at least on Fridays to set up the blog posts and appreciation! So that covers Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday… For Thursdays, I think I will go back to posting about solo circumnavigating sailors from the Joshua Slocum Society website. That…

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