Black History 365, (a slight break from the norm) – Maria Victor

For those of you who missed it, I am going to sail around the world with my friend ( I was trying to find information on Black women who have sailed around the world. The internet (that I count on to know everything) has failed me regarding this subject. There is only one short blurb in Wikipedia with no corresponding article or references listed:

Maria Victor; 2007-2013; first woman of African descent (Barbados) to perform a circumnavigation (with stops, past Cape of good Hope, through Panama Canal).

I did try to find anything on the web about Maria but sadly, there was no other mention of her. Very disappointing! So… If there have been no others recorded perhaps I can be listed in history as the SECOND woman of African descent to sail around the world. That would be amazing!

Not that I am doing this for any kind of glory. Just the satisfaction of having completed the  trip would be MORE than enough. It would just be a VERY interesting side note to an already amazing journey. ^_^


6 thoughts on “Black History 365, (a slight break from the norm) – Maria Victor

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  2. Hello Niccolea! My husband found your blog and pointed it out you were searching for me. Maria Victor.I’ve tried to message you on Facebook but having difficulties right now. So next year you will be off on your trip!I have not read much of your writing yet, my internet running slow this evening ..
    Yes, not much is made of what does appear to a first for a black female circumnavigation, but I do little to advertise I admit.
    Go for it! Stay focused and safe and enjoy all the moments that will coalesce into an unforgettable experience. I hope you do get in touch as we seem to be a rarity :-) and you appear to have such great spirit!
    Best tings to you and your sailing partner!

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