A lot of poets across the country (maybe even the world) are writing a poem a day this month… I have not been up to par on that… the last one I wrote was on the 4th… it fits into the theme of this blog so I’ll post it here:



in this here ‘merca
aka US of A
my eyes are black

by hundreds of years
of disdain and repulsion
less than human

it haunts me
I feed on the white guilt
of those whose families
assisted in the maiming of a continent
and those whose families did not

the dust rolls off my fingertips
blown from here to the ends of the earth
seeds in the winds of change
that feel like they keep blowing
but never take root

the breeze never seems
to reach the mountain top
moses went to the mountain top
told pharoh “let my people go”

the bible says God freed the Jews
but it was capitalism
that freed the slaves in the USA

this blood in my veins
still feels the chains
on my ancestors
hears the things “massa” said
to convince us the black
was darkness and void

this is why my eyes are black
and see so much of what
so many are trying to say
doesn’t exist anymore

the souls of the roots
of generations of cotton
and tobacco
and cane
and everything that grew
they all saw and remember
passing it down to their progeny
down to me

it’s all I can see
this abuse
this continued strife
continued self hate
that we learned for so long

every day I fight it
refuse to comb my hair in protest
wrap my hair in protest
burn incense in protest
grow food to remember
we have always been
part of the earth
this is my protest

I don’t expect anyone to get it
no one who isn’t part of it
would truly understand
yet still I rage

every day I fight
so it is no wonder
in the end
that my eyes are black


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